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Hello people, who don’t want a fresh-smelling home after a long day of work? Today we bring to you the very product which will give you a refreshed home all the time. In this article, we are going to discuss all about water based air revitalizers.

A water-based air revitalizer belongs to the family of air purifiers that are well known for their durability and effectiveness. Instead of using a traditional filter, these machines use water to “revitalize” the air in your home to make it healthier. The machines are also referred to as water-based air purifiers, water-based air purifiers, water-based air purifiers, and water-based air purifiers.

Let’s begin, Shall we?

what is that? How do they work?

When comes to the fundamental difference, a water-based air revitalizer is different from a traditional air purifier for using water as a filter rather than paper or fabric. It might sound weird to use water as a filter, but scientists think otherwise, as per scientists water has an amazing ability to stick together.

Actually, we have examples of water stickiness all around us like painting, the behavior of wet surfaces, the icing on the cake, and removing make-up. Think about it, why do we wash our hands with water? Why does it smell so fresh after rain? Because water is very good at cleaning.

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In addition to cleaning the air in your home, air revitalizers also provide a light amount of humidity. Despite the fact that these machines won’t completely replace humidifiers if you really need one, they can still improve your breathing comfort.

You may be surprised to learn that water-based air revitalizers can also be used as a diffuser for essential oils. Our water-based air revitalizer has been used as an oil diffuser for quite a while, and we prefer it over traditional oil diffusers. Exactly why? Due to the heavy aroma of whatever oil, you’re using, traditional oil diffusers can be overpowering at times. On the other hand, water-air revitalizers provide your home with a pleasant aroma.

pick your desired air revitalizer from the list below –

There is nothing better than air revitalization. In terms of home appliances that keep your home or office in good shape, these little machines are the kings of the game.

Fun fact, air revitalizers are often mixed with or named Air Purifiers. In this segment, we are going to discuss these three and their uses.

water-based air revitalizers and Air purifiers: which one should buy?

The simplest argument is that air purifiers clean the air better than water-based air revitalizers (usually). It all depends on what filter your machine uses. I say usually since it is not always the case. A HEPA filter is one of the best, and a whole host of names are assigned to the bad ones.

Having said that, let me make a case for air revitalizers. In the competition of cleaning allergens, dust, and even odors air revitalizers will win. Water serves as the main filter, and it uses to scrub the air before pumping it out and holding onto the dirty stuff. Furthermore, air revitalizers can function as light humidifiers and oil diffusers. It is like three in one situation.

Well, when it comes to buying points, so many points to be ticked for you as a customer. Let’s say, it would be a good idea to buy an air purifier for your home if someone in your family suffers from severe allergies, asthma, or weak immunity. Additionally, you should use a unit with HEPA filters and UV sanitizers.

In terms of odors, you may want to choose a machine that has an activated carbon filter as well. HEPA filters do, however, provide a lot of odor control. In addition to its UV sanitizer and activated carbon filter, it has a HEPA filter and other features that make it one of the best air purifiers on the market.

Air revitalizers are a little more affordable and serve double duty as oil diffusers, as well as air purifiers. It’s still possible to reduce odors and allergens with these machines, but they do not have HEPA filters, which restricts their effectiveness.

Let’s say, you have chosen a water-based air revitalizer. Now let’s drive in detail what a water-based air revitalizer can do for you.

Isinlive Air Purifier Reviews
Isinlive Air Purifier Reviews

The usefulness of water-based air revitalizer

Think about a small machine laying silently in your room cleaning the air, humidify work as an oil diffuser. I am sorry I forget to tell you I was talking about Water-based air revitalizers. Let’s talk about which group of people air revitalizers will attract.

Mild allergy sufferers:

During seasons when your allergies flare up, you can save a lot of trouble by using water-based air revitalizers. You may be better off purchasing a conventional air purifier that utilizes a HEPA filter if your allergies are severe or if you are extremely sensitive to certain allergens. Using this method, you can eliminate lingering smells from your home.

Houses with smokers/odors:

The use of water-based air humidifiers is effective in mitigating the effects of odors.If you have stubborn odors in the house or if you smoke, they may be able to help. Additionally, aromatic oils can be used to mask odors.In this case, you may need a replacement activated carbon filter if your stubborn odors and pollutants continue to persist.

Those who own pets:

If you are a pet lover, you already know, that when you’ve had your pet for a while, it’s easy for them to produce quite a bit of stink. Then you have to do cleansing and purifying which can be achieved through aromatherapy and fragrance options. Usually, pet owners add Water and fragrances to improve the smell into revitalizers. Different types of fragrances can be bought separately according to personal taste.

Taking care of water-based air revitalization:

In general, the water basin should be cleaned once a week, depending on how much you use the machine. A thorough cleaning should be performed on your unit at least once every month or two. Due to the fact that your machine uses water, it can be a prime target for bacteria, mold, and fungi, all of which can cause troublesome and sometimes dangerous illnesses.

Your machine can quickly become infested with these organisms. Failure to clean it properly and often enough can even cause them to spread throughout your home. You should read your manual and put the revitalizer in a water bath with a bleach mixture. You should be able to avoid these worst-case scenarios if you follow the instructions provided by your unit’s maker.

Be very careful about the level of the water in the basin. If you let the basin dry. The particles that your air revitalizer captures in its water basin can escape if you let it run dry. If your air revitalizer’s water gets dry too often do not hesitate to refill it.

Cleaning water-based air revitalizer is easy if you do it regularly. The manufacturer’s instructions should take precedence over our recommended procedure since not every machine is the same. Do one water change per week if you only the one changing. After doing research we have some steps for you.

Let’s go through those step by step.

  • Unplug and disassemble the machine: as we are talking about either battery/electric powered device it is safe to say, unplug it before you do anything. Usually cleaning places are far from where we place the revitalizer. When you are cleaning a place like a sink disassembles it carefully.
  • Clean the basin thoroughly: Once you disassemble the revitalizer, start cleaning with the basin. Dump the old water. Clean the basin thoroughly with soap. This is important for those who put essential oils/ perfume or those who don’t rinse out air revitalizer regularly. Even if you have the habit of letting the revitalizer dry you should clean the basin with soap because once you let the basin dry, water starts building marks inside. Then clean the pot inside out with a sponge or brush.
  • Clean the top part: Top part of the air revitalizer usually does all the work so obviously, that part gets really filthy. Be very careful when you start cleaning because the top has all sensitive parts. Normally we recommend using a small brush for cleaning the top.
  • So that you can reach all the corners. If you cannot reach it with a brush, my next weapon of choice is toothpick and cotton buds. Easy to find, efficient, and can reach all the tight corners. Once you finish that wash thoroughly with water once again.
  • Let the machine dry: Once the air revitalizer totally cleans let it dry first. As you know electricity and water are not really friends. How long it’s going to take might depend on where you live. Hey! We all know patience is key to success.
  • Reassemble, fill, and back on the action: When you feel your air revitalizer is completely dry reassemble it. All you need to do is fill up the air revitalizer’s basin, and mix any essential oil if you want. Plug it in and your gentle giant is ready for action.
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In this article, we have discussed all water-based air revitalizers. All the basics, ways to maintain, ways to clean. Although it is not uncommon to have people with different opinions. But it all comes down to personal choice and preference of your need. We just hope this article helps you to find the perfect water-based air revitalizers for your home, which will satisfy your need. Till next time !!!

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