7 Best Dehumidifier for Closet and Wardrobe: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things to consider when looking for the Best Dehumidifier for Closet and Wardrobe. you’ll want to make sure the unit is small and compact enough to fit in the space you have available. and, look for a unit that has a low noise level, so it doesn’t disturb you while you’re trying to get dressed. moreover, you’ll want to choose a dehumidifier with a high moisture removal rate, so it can extract as much excess moisture from the air as possible.

Too much humidity is a big problem. It may cause various issues. If it is in a close environment, it might be more devastating. Due to excessive moisture, mildew in a small space like a closet and wardrobe can be affected by valuable things. Here we will review some Best Dehumidifiers for Closet and wardrobes.

benefits of a small dehumidifier for closet and Wardrobe:

If you are looking for a way to keep your clothes and shoes dry and the relative humidity low in your closet or wardrobe, then a tiny dehumidifier could be a good option for you. Some of the benefits of using a small dehumidifier in these spaces include: 

best dehumidifiers for home
dehumidifiers for home

Prevention of Musty Odors: By reducing moisture in the air, mold and mildew will have a more challenging time growing and causing those musty odors. 

Prolongs the Life of Your Clothes: Excess moisture can cause clothes to degrade quicker. Using a dehumidifier can help preserve your clothing by keeping moisture levels down. 

Reduces Allergy Symptoms: If you suffer from allergies, reducing the humidity in your closet or wardrobe can help to lessen symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, and headaches

When choosing a small dehumidifier for your closet or wardrobe, it is important to consider the size of the space.

dehumidifier odor removal

So, what’s the way to keep your essential items safe in the closet? Ensuring the relative humidity level of less than 50% could be very much helpful. You can maintain the required humidity with the help of the best dehumidifier for closet

This guide will describe significant features to consider and common questions that you need to know when choosing a dehumidifier for a closet or wardrobe. Also, a list of high-quality closet dehumidifiers can help you to lessen your pre-work and save your time to pick the right one.

do dehumidifiers have freon
do dehumidifiers have freon

Top picks of Best Dehumidifier for Closet:

7 Best Dehumidifier for Closet Reviews

Let’s take a look at the recommended best dehumidifiers for the closet. These dehumidifiers are also useful for any small space. I have analyzed various factors to make a list, which will help you pick the best closet dehumidifier.

  1. Eva Dry Wireless Dehumidifier
  2. airBOSS Closet DehumidifierBest Closet Dehumidifier
  3. LONOVE DehumidifierBest Small Dehumidifier for Closet
  4. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier
  5. Vacplus Moisture Absorber Packets – Best Dehumidifier for Wardrobe and Closet
  6. Honati Small Dehumidifier for Locker and Closet

1.Eva Dry wireless dehumidifier:

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable dehumidifier, Pack of 1,...
29,857 Reviews
Eva-dry E-333 Renewable dehumidifier, Pack of 1,...
  • EASY TO USE: This mini dehumidifier is...
  • SMALL, SLEEK DESIGN: This portable small...
  • 100% CORDLESS DEHUMIDIFIER: Moisture...

This mini dehumidifier lasts approximately 20 to 30 days. After recharging, the beads of silica gel again become ready for the next use. The absorbing power of this device is up to 6oz.

You’ll like the exterior as it comes with a small structure but sleek design. No batteries or power cables are required; only charging is needed to run the device repeatedly.

Hassle-free use is always a guarantee, hang it and leave it to serve you for more than your expectations. It is non-toxic and safe for children as well as pets. For up to 333 cubic feet area, it will work to make the air dry and odor-free.

Though the dehumidifier is children and pet friendly, it is much safer to keep your child and pets away from the device.

It works quietly when dehumidifying an area. That is a durable and super reliable dehumidifier we have found, among many other options.

What We Like:

  1. Best dehumidifier for enclosed spaces.
  2. 100% cordless, rechargeable device.
  3. Long-lasting, user-friendly dehumidifier.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The dehumidifier gets a little bit hot when running.
how to clean a dehumidifier coil

2. airBOSS Closet Dehumidifier:

Best Closet Dehumidifier:

airBOSS Anywhere Dehumidifier, Fights Mildew and...
  • WILLERT HOME PRODUCTS: Willert Home...
  • PUT AIRBOSS IN CHARGE: Let airBOSS keep...

I think this airBOSS dehumidifier is one of the Best Dehumidifier for Closet and wardrobe. It removes moisture effectively from confined space that has low ventilation.

You can use this dehumidifier to absorb moisture and prevent dampness in wardrobes, closets, lockers, campers, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, or anywhere filled with excess moisture.

An ideal small dehumidifier doesn’t add any fragrance to your clothes and other accessories. The airBOSS dehumidifier does its works well. It contains drying crystals that are fragrance-free. It protects your accessories against dampness, musty odors, and rust while removing excess humidity.

It is a non-electric dehumidifier so that you can use it safely. When the crystal completes its jobs, the container is filled with water. It is now clear that for this dehumidifier, you should consider buying a replacement.

Depending on the humidity level in your closet, the replacement frequency can be varied. If the humidity is around 80%, the absorption could be approximately 15 fluid ounces.

You can also consider it as a cleaning kit that cleans the air and removes the odor. That is very easy to use; first, take away the aluminum seal. Make sure to keep the moisture-permeable film under seal. Place the container in the right place (upright) so that it can perfectly dehumidify the closet.

The only drawback you can find is its comparatively bulky size. It will not work as expected in larger spaces. So, this is the best dehumidifier for a small closet or wardrobe.

What We Like:

  1. Portable fragrance-free small dehumidifier.
  2. Crystal container is particularly designed to prevent spills.
  3. Best to clean the air in the closet.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The dehumidifier requires regular replacements; it is not the best option for larger space.
how long should a dehumidifier last

3. LONOVE Dehumidifier :

Best Small Dehumidifier for Closet:

Let’s welcome the most excellent dehumidifier for your closet, the best dehumidifier for small space, the LONOVE dehumidifier. It offers a healthier as well as a comfortable life. That can be an excellent choice for any small space in which you want to control the humidity level.

What does it do for you? It helps to keep the moisture level below 50%. As a result, your clothes and valued accessories stay safe with original quality and without any musty odor.

The LONOVE dehumidifier features two air inlets in front and back that enhance the efficiency to remove the excess humidity in the air. The dehumidification is 350ml/day, which seems better than many costly electric dehumidifiers. It is excellent for 165 sq ft area, which means you can use it for more big closets and wardrobes.

This dehumidifier comes with a stunning design. Everyone will like the exterior! As the construction materials are durable, it will last for longer. It is a super quiet electric appliance; thus, it will never disturb your study or sleep.

To ensure that it is easy to use, it has only one button to control everything. Please press the button to start the machine; it will continue dehumidifying until the container is filled. When you start, it will show blow lightly. It will shut-off automatically when the box is full, and there will be yellow light then.

What We Like:

  1. Clean and modern design; fit perfectly and enhance the beauty.
  2. Energy-saving, easy to control small but powerful dehumidifier.
  3. Compact and easily transportable; removes odor efficiently.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No notable drawback of this dehumidifier. However, it is a pricey choice on the list.

4. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier:

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier 2200 Cubic Feet...
  • Perfect Together: The Electric...
  • Small & Compact: Lightweight, Compact...
  • Auto Shut-Off: When full the...
  • 100% Cordless: The Wireless Dehumidifier...
  • Effective: The Wireless Mini...

For your closet, a portable and lightweight dehumidifier is always a good option. This Pro Breeze electric mini dehumidifier is small and ideal for cabinets, wardrobes, RVs, bathrooms, and any other small enclosed places.

It comes with a water tank of 16-ounce capacity. It can effectively remove 9-ounce water per day. You can utilize it for a space of 150 sq ft (1200 cubic feet). To remove odor and dry the air, it works with Thermo Electric Cooling Technology or Peltier effect.

With an innovative design, it works without creating any noise. So, it can be used anywhere as it will not bother you with annoying sound. Moreover, it has a beautiful look that will ensure peace of your mind.

I like its auto shut-off feature; when the tank is full, the dehumidifier will turn off automatically. The LED light indicates that the water tank is complete, and it requires draining. After emptying the tank, set it back, and the dehumidifier will start working again.

What We Like:

  1. Perfect for removing high humidity in your closet.
  2. Silent and efficient thermoelectric cooling technology.
  3. Low power consumption; mini reusable dehumidifier.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Thin plastics are used in the water tank, so carefully clean it.
Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier Reviews
Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

5. Vacplus Moisture Absorber Packets:

Best Dehumidifier for Wardrobe and Closet:

DampRid Refillable Absorber Variety Pack, 10.5 oz....
  • GREAT FOR USE IN the bathroom, laundry...
  • LONG-LASTING FRESHNESS: Each of the six...
  • EASY TO USE: Simply remove lid and pour...

When it comes to finding the best budget-friendly dehumidifier for your closet, you can pick the Vacplus Moisture Absorber Packets. These packets can be used for different purposes. You can put them in the closet, wardrobe, under the sink, kitchen, bathroom, or any small spaces where you want to reduce the excess moisture.

Using Spherical calcium chloride, these bags quickly absorb water from the environment. For effective absorption, there is a single-way humidity permeable paper. Each pack has a 500 ml/pack absorption capacity that keeps the air dry for a more extended period.

This dehumidifier is safe for the environment. It offers the maximum protection to save your fabrics and worthy items from extra moisture. You can hang the bags, and they take a little space. So, they are excellent to use in small closets.

The collected water is visible in a small plastic bag. You can monitor the added water and the effectiveness of the dehumidifier. Generally, five bags can dehumidify the closet appropriately. Overall, these compact-designed absorber packets create a comfortable living environment for you.

What We Like:

  1. You can hang these bags everywhere using mini hooks.
  2. Designed with environment-friendly green materials.
  3. Depending on the space, select the amount of bags.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Small bags require frequent replacement.

6. Honati Small Dehumidifier for Locker and Closet:

Highly-efficient and good for health, the Honati Small Dehumidifier is built for closet, locker, RV, baby room, and small bedroom. The dehumidifier comes with 600 ml capacity that can effectively and quickly absorb moisture. It can remove approximately 300 ml of water/ day from the air.

This best portable dehumidifier keeps your room healthy and comfortable, especially the small space of 100 to 160 sq. Ft. It doesn’t use any compressor; therefore, it works almost silently. Sound below 33 dB will not annoy you when you’re sleeping.

A notable feature of this dehumidifier is its energy-efficiency. It consumes less power while adjusting the humidity in your closet. It is also easy to use and maintain.

You can carry this mini dehumidifier easily, as it is lightweight and compact. Please place it in any small space and get the odor-free clean air. The auto shut-off feature prevents water overflow. When the water tank is full, set back the tank after emptying it. And then, it will start working again.

What We Like:

  1. Compact and portable design, good for small room.
  2. Help to get rid of excess moisture, pollen, and a peculiar smell.
  3. Auto shut-off and LED light indicator.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not a good choice for larger rooms.

The Atemto Charcoal Bags are the most convenient to use. They are safest and effective to remove the musty smell in the enclosed area, shoes, closets, wardrobes, lockers, and pet areas.

These bags are produced with 100% natural micro-porous bamboo charcoals. When adjusting the humidity in an area and purifying the air, these chemical-free dehumidifier bags don’t affect the environment. These are entirely safe for the environment!

You will find this Atemto dehumidifier in a wide range of packages. For a larger closet, you may need to use more bags and spend a bit more. It works great for removing airborne moisture while maintaining good air quality.

You can utilize these bags using hooks. These charcoal bags are reusable and recyclable. Every month, place the bags under the sun to recharge and reuse

What We Like:

  1. Premium-quality improved iodine value bamboo charcoal.
  2. Safe use for children, pregnant women, and pets as well.
  3. Convenient dehumidifier bags and long-lasting.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Small bags, so, not good for large areas.

dehumidifier wilko:

A dehumidifier is a household appliance that reduces the amount of water vapor in the air.

Wilko is a UK retailer that sells a range of home and garden products, including dehumidifiers.

Benefits of a Closet or Wardrobe Dehumidifier :

High humidity can cause severe damage to a wooden wardrobe or closet. If you have wooden furniture, you will notice that they’re being damaged by moisture after a certain period.

Moreover, the humidity might be a reason for mold growth. The fusty smell from your clothes is also typical because of the high humidity in the closet.

Therefore, to keep your valuable accessories and clothes safe, you should take the necessary steps as soon as possible. The critical step is ensuring the right humidity in the closet or wardrobe.

You have several options; for your precious clothes, the rechargeable dehumidifying bags can be beneficial. Unexpected dampness can harm the clothes and other products, and a dehumidifier can prevent these problems.

No one likes the rust on belts or damaged closets. Also, you will not like the musty smell coming from the cabinet. The solution you can apply is using a small dehumidifier. A battery-powered compact dehumidifier is a great option. It works effectively in an environment of high moisture.

Charcoal bags are also the right choice. You will need more bags to adjust the humidity level in the entire wardrobe or closet.

An electric dehumidifier is another right choice. If an electrical outlet is accessible, you can utilize it for better results. For a relatively more big closet or wardrobe, an electric dehumidifier is quite suitable.

So, the benefits of a closet dehumidifier are many. A dehumidifier can save your clothes from damaged. It also maintains the original quality of the clothes containing a specific smell.

Do You Need A Dehumidifier for Your Closet or Wardrobe?

A dehumidifier is not necessary for all the closets or wardrobes. If you notice that your closet is damp or you have stored things that could be damaged because of high humidity, you may need to purchase a dehumidifier for that closet.

With the help of a hygrometer, you can identify the humidity level in the wardrobe or closet. You can also feel the dampness. The hygrometer can generally show a humidity level under 50%. Or if you get a musty smell, there is a great chance that the environment of the closet is too humid.

Some particular items such as vintage clothing, musical instruments, and tools can be seriously damaged by high moisture. You can consider buying a small dehumidifier for your closet if the following symptoms are present.

1. The closet or wardrobe is in the basement or any other area that has high moisture or humidity.

2. The stored products are something that can be damaged easily by excessive humidity. More attention is required if the items are vintage or designer clothes, important documents, or other items like foods.

3. You can feel that the closet is damp and it producing a musty smell.

4. There is mold growth in the wardrobe or closet.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Dehumidifiers for a Closet or Wardrobe:

A dehumidifier can be selected depending on various factors. Your room’s humidity amount determines what size dehumidifier you need. If you want to purchase a dehumidifier for a large room with high humidity, a larger moisture capacity dehumidifier will be fine.

If you simply desire stable humidity in your room, a small portable dehumidifier with low capacity is the right choice.

Also, depending on the room size, you will need to choose the dehumidifier. For a big room, a bigger moisture capacity dehumidifier is fine. For a small room, a low moisture capacity dehumidifier is great.

Some dehumidifiers work depending on the indoor temperature. These dehumidifiers have minimal temperature control features. Dehumidifier in this group automatically adjusts based on the current condition in a particular place.

To adjust the humidity level in the cool-temperature region, you have to find out a dehumidifier that can work in those temperatures.

As we are looking for the best small dehumidifier for the closet or wardrobe, we will need to specifically look for features that make a dehumidifier right for those small spaces.

There are some vital factors that you need to consider when buying a dehumidifier for the closet and wardrobe. Those factors include size, power consumption, capacity, and other important features.

Size :

Consider the size of your closet or wardrobe before confirming the purchase. You may need a medium-sized dehumidifier for a larger closet. You can always use a very small dehumidifier but it will take much more time to adjust the humidity in the targeted space.

Energy Efficiency :

Generally, your dehumidifier will run all day long. You have to pay the energy bill every month. Therefore, make sure your chosen dehumidifier is energy efficient. Many modern dehumidifiers consume less energy, are eco-friendly, and they save your money as well.

Moisture Capacity :

You will not like to empty the water reservoir of your dehumidifier frequently. So, consider buying a dehumidifier that requires less maintenance and less water emptying. A dehumidifier with a large water tank is a good choice in this situation. Also, there are some other types of dehumidifying products that come without any water reservoir option.

User-friendly Design :

People will like the dehumidifier that is easy to operate. User-friendly controls allow users to use that with ease. Some dehumidifiers come with a digital control panel that helps to control humidity levels effortlessly.

Many dehumidifiers will work according to the condition of the space. To remove water, many dehumidifiers can be connected straight to a tube. Make sure you are buying a user-friendly and handy dehumidifier for your closet.

Appearance :

Your buying decision can be affected by the appearance of a dehumidifier. You will buy that dehumidifier that is attractive and quite pleasing to your eye. Make sure that your dehumidifier is compact-sized, beautiful, and highly-efficient. You may also select the color that meets your choice.

More Features :

Many dehumidifiers are available with extra features. Timers and automatic shutdowns are some of them. These features will offer more convenience.

Types of Dehumidifiers for Small Spaces:

There are several types of dehumidifiers that you can use for small spaces. Some of them run using natural materials and others run using electricity to absorb moisture. Let’s check them all.

1) Rechargeable Dehumidifiers:

To adjust the relative humidity level, non-electrical rechargeable dehumidifiers use charcoal or silica gel. These dehumidifiers are available in different forms and sizes. For a closet or wardrobe, a rechargeable dehumidifier is a good choice as this type is small, compact, and silent.

You can obtain silica gel individually and use them in different parts of the closet. To use this type of dehumidifier repeatedly, you can dry out it under the sunlight or into the oven. Many plastic dehumidifiers of desiccant materials can be a suitable option for larger closets and wardrobes.

2) Battery-powered Dehumidifiers:

These dehumidifiers are great when you’re on a trip. However, you can efficiently use these dehumidifiers for your closet, wardrobe, bathroom, and car. The battery-powered dehumidifier can last for 30 to 50 days. Depending on the dehumidifying speed, the lifespan can be varied. You can change the battery if needed.

3) Electrical Dehumidifiers:

For your closet or wardrobe, a small electrical dehumidifier can be an ideal choice. These dehumidifiers are quite efficient and handy as well. The dehumidifiers with pumps are easy to operate, which are electrical also. You can choose from a large variety of options.

There are heated rod dehumidifiers that function by warming up the air up to 150F. For a locker or closet, these dehumidifiers work great.

The thermo-electric appliances are also effective to remove moisture. These dehumidifiers work using a fan. These are quiet and perfect for small rooms.

best dehumidifier for walk-in closet:

A dehumidifier is a must for any walk-in closet. The ideal humidity level for a walk-in closet is between 30% and 50%. A dehumidifier can help you achieve this humidity level and keep your clothes in great condition.

When it comes to choosing a dehumidifier for your walk-in closet, there are a few things to consider.

you’ll want to choose a model that is sized appropriately for the space. You’ll also want to make sure the dehumidifier has an automatic shut-off feature, so it will turn off when the water tank is full.

best moisture absorber for wardrobe:

There are a few different types of moisture absorbers that you can use in your wardrobe: activated charcoal, silica gel packets, and baking soda.

Activated charcoal is a great choice because it’s natural and it absorbs a lot of moisture. Silica gel packets are also good because they absorb a lot of moisture, and they’re reusable.

Baking soda is a good option if you want to save money since it’s very cheap. Whichever option you choose, make sure to replace the absorber regularly to ensure that it continues to work properly.

8 Ways to Fend Off Mold in Your Closets:

  1. Keep your closets dry: Mold loves moisture, so it’s important to keep your closets as dry as possible. Make sure any leaks are fixed and maintain proper ventilation in the room. It might also be a good idea to use a dehumidifier if necessary.
  2. Clean regularly: Regularly dusting or vacuuming shelves, closet floors, and other surfaces can help reduce the risk of mold growing in your closet. Wipe down any damp spots with hydrogen peroxide or diluted bleach solution to ensure that all mold spores are eliminated.
  3. Reduce clutter: Clutter can make it difficult for air to circulate properly in your closets, increasing the chances of mold growth. Consider reducing the amount of items you store in your closets and try to keep them clean and organized.
  4. Use natural products: Natural products like vinegar or tea tree oil can be used to help prevent mold from growing in your closets. Simply spray a mixture on any visible spots, or throughout for added protection.
  5. Create an air flow: Ventilate your closet by opening the door when possible, or by installing louvers or vents at the top of the door to allow air to move through more freely. This will help create airflow that can inhibit mold growth.
  6. Get rid of damp areas: If you notice any wet spots, such as around windowsills or other areas that can collect moisture, take steps to eliminate them. Use a fan or dehumidifier to dry out the area and reduce the chances of mold developing.
  7. Keep items off the floor: Try to avoid piling items in your closet as this can create an ideal environment for mold growth. Instead, use shelves or racks to keep items off the floor and away from any areas prone to dampness.
  8. Inspect regularly: Regularly inspect your closets for signs of dampness or mold growth and take measures accordingly if necessary. This will help you catch any potential issues before they get too serious and cause more damage in your home.

Faq’s for Best Dehumidifier for Closet and Wardrobe:

1. Should You Buy A Larger Dehumidifier?


If your closet is in the basement, you may need to buy a larger dehumidifier for the perfect services. The dampness is a common problem in the basement and that can affect the small closed space like a closet or wardrobe. So, using a small dehumidifier can only balance the humidity of a tiny part of the basement.

If there is not excessive humidity in the basement, you don’t need to spend more money on a large dehumidifier. For adjusting the relative humidity level only in the wardrobe or closet, just purchase a small compact dehumidifier.

2. Where to Place a Dehumidifier in the Closet?


To ensure equal humidity in a closet , you should place the dehumidifier in the center of the area. Though it can’t be possible always for a small area like the closet, you should try your best to place it in such a position that it can work all over the area equally.
If you notice the mildew growth in the drawer, place the dehumidifying bags into the closet’s drawer.

If the moisture or humidity is high in the entire closet or wardrobe, use a small electrical dehumidifier and place that at the bottom of the closet.

3. What would cause mold in a closet?


Producing mold in Your closet is mostly happens for Moisture. The Moisture usually comes from the cloth as well as the environment. To prevent this, you have to keep dry your fabric correctly and ensure the right humidity in your closet or wardrobe.

4. How do I control humidity in my closet?


You may use some moisture-absorbing products like Silika gel, Baking soda, Chalk, Washed Charcol, or Puffed rice in the closet to absorb the moisture and humid in your closet.

5. does the best dehumidifier for basement keep safe your closet?


Whether a dehumidifier can keep your closet safe depends on the conditions in your basement. If your basement is damp, humid, and has poor ventilation, then a dehumidifier can help to reduce the amount of moisture in the air and improve the air quality.

Closets are often located in basements, so if you have a closet in your basement, it’s important to make sure that it is well-ventilated and free of any dampness or humidity.

Otherwise, mold and mildew can grow in your closet and on your clothing.

6. does electric closet dehumidifier is safe?


Yes, electric closet dehumidifiers are safe to use.

7. will a dehumidifier work in a closet?


A dehumidifier will work in a closet, but it won’t be very effective because the space is small and there’s not much air circulation.

A dehumidifier works by drawing moist air from the environment and cooling it down so the water droplets condense and are collected in a tank or tray. The cooled moist air is then reheated and released back into the room.

In order for a dehumidifier to work properly, it needs to have direct contact with moist air. Since a closet has limited space and poor air circulation, the moist air will not come into direct contact with the dehumidifier, which means it won’t be very effective in controlling moisture levels.

8. How to Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Closet?


To prevent mold from growing in your closet, keep the environment dry by using a dehumidifier, cleaning regularly with a damp cloth, and installing a fan.

Also, ensure there is adequate ventilation and air circulation within the closet. Avoid storing wet clothes or items that may attract moisture in the closet to reduce the chances of mold growth.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the best dehumidifier for closet? I can’t go straight to any of the dehumidifier reviewed above. You can choose any dehumidifier from the above reviews and you won’t be disappointed.

However, Eva Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier can be an ideal choice for your closet. you can help reduce the chances of mold growing in your closets and keep your home safe and healthy. Make sure to take preventive measures regularly, as this will go a long way in preserving the quality of your living environment.

Hi, I’m Alex and I love to share my experience and suggestions to manage the humidity levels in any area, maybe it’s your home. I update the site regularly, so stay connected and I hope, you will get all the necessary information here to fix the humidity level in your preferred area and select the best humidifier and dehumidifier for various purposes. you may also find me on Twitter.happy blogging.

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