8 Best Humidifier for Asthma 2021 – Top Picks and Reviews

The world is developing swiftly and the number of asthma patients along with it. The rise of temperature and pollution are mostly responsible for it.

As the temperature increases rapidly, this world has been a difficult place for asthma patients to cope with. But the best humidifier for asthma can help you greatly in this regard.


What type of humidifier is best for asthma? This is a common question among asthma patients. But now, you need not think much about the problem. 

Top Picks of Humidifiers for Curing Asthma: 

In this article, I have come up with some of the top-quality humidifiers that can greatly help asthma patients. I guarantee that after buying from any one of these, you must not regret it at the end of the day. Let’s look at a glance. 

Why Asthma Sufferers Need A Humidifier

Asthma is such a health condition that you can’t control easily. But you can follow some rules to decrease the risk of an asthma attack. Maintaining proper ways can also be helpful to control asthma for a lifetime without hampering your regular life.


The asthma symptoms can be triggered due to several reasons including exposure to cigarette smoke, strong fragrances, respiratory infections, and particularly allergens. It is not always possible to stay away from allergens and therefore, you may frequently be attacked by asthma. 

However, another less-known reason is little humidity that can seriously prompt an asthma attack. The human body requires a specific amount of humidity level in the air. If your room has little humidity, your body will produce more mucus. This can finally cause an asthma attack or increase the risk of an existing attack. 

If there is not sufficient humidity in your room, a humidifier can be very supportive to balance the humidity level. As there are thousands of air humidifiers, choosing the best humidifier for asthma will be quite difficult.

You will need to consider several things for buying such an electric appliance for asthma sufferers. The age of sufferers and the space of the particular room can be considered carefully when choosing the best air humidifier for asthma patients.

You will also need to consider the measurement of humidity level and air purification capacity of your expected humidifier.

Remember, a quality humidifier with powerful mist output and capacity to cover the targeted area can help you significantly to reduce the symptoms of asthma sufferers. 

8 Best Humidifier for Asthma Reviews

It is overwhelming to pick only one from many options. But if you have a short list, it becomes quite easier. The following reviews will help you to pick a perfect humidifier for asthma easily. 

1. GENIANI Ultrasonic Humidifiers :

When you invest in a humidifier, you will definitely prefer to get a humidifier that quickly and Quietly moisturizes the air. Geniani is an ultrasonic humidifier that can make your investment secure with its mist production of 250-300 ml per hour.

This humidifier comes with antimicrobial technology to ensure more protection and subdue mold growth. Along with a 3L water tank, the humidifier works for non-stop and expected air humidification. It runs for up to 24 hours when the mist setting is the lowest and 12 hours when the mist setting is the highest.

The direction of the mist can be adjusted with its 360-degree rotating mist nozzle. Also, you can select and set your desired mist level depending on your needs.

This Geniani humidifier performs its operation silently and helps to humidify the environment while working or sleeping. It turns off when the water tank is empty. The overall design is very user-friendly and the device allows you to breathe easily in a safe and clean atmosphere.


  1. Equipped with night light feature.
  2. Filter free design for effortless use.
  3. Whole house solution for moisturizing air.
  4. Easy to use and clean.
  5. ETL certified product.


  • No notable drawback.

2. AIRCARE MA1201 Humidifier:

The Aircare humidifier can cover up to 3,600 square feet of an average house. It includes a digital humidistat that can indicate accurately the level of moisture in the air, and at the same time, you can adjust it to uphold proper humidity.

This humidifier has an auto turn off the feature. It will be turned off automatically when it runs out of the water, and on the other hand, it is economical as it turns off automatically when the room reaches the desired humidity.

At the same time, it works through the evaporative system and can eliminate mineral buildups and dust. It also works effectively against the risks of dryness, itchiness, and irritation.

The cool air it produces can soothe your throat, and on the other hand, the moisture will help you soften the airway and permits your lungs to accumulate more oxygen-enriched air.

It has come with a white color, so its design is attractive. Undoubtedly, it can maintain a much healthier environment practically important for asthma patients.


  1. Can cover an average house
  2. Lessens the risks of itchiness, dryness, and irritation
  3. Water tank capacity 3.6 gallon
  4. Easy to clean


  • No belts, wheels or pulleys

3.Everlasting Comfort (6L)-Humidifier:

Occasionally a tiny, pretty humidifier will perform just well. Further, you require more strength to cover all corners of your room. This heavy-duty product is ideal for a large room, office, and the whole apartment to benefit from humid air.

The product can work impressively for 50 straight hours with its six-liter water tank meaning that you need not worry to refill the tank frequently.

In the same way, its cool mist can work to reduce bacteria and airborne viruses. So, this one is perfect for cold and flu seasons to make you free from coughs and asthma.

Moreover, the cool air it produces can soothe your throat, and on the other hand, the moisture will help you soften the airway and permits your lungs to accumulate more oxygen-enriched air.

It includes an extra feature that makes you able to use essential oils with it. It also includes a blue tranquil LED nightlight for your peaceful sleep.

The feature which separates this product from others is that you need not replace any filters. Its advanced technology assures that the mist going into the air is healthy, pure, and clean.


  1. No burden of replacing any filters
  2. Contains a six-liter large water reservoir
  3. Essential oils can be used with it
  4. Includes a blue tranquil LED nightlight for your peaceful sleep


  • The water tank it includes does not have any grab handle

4. Air Innovations Humidifier:

Air Innovations is one of the best-looking humidifiers on the market. Its fine chromatic finish and unique shape must convince you.

The quality and the air moistening will raise the level of your interest in the product, and the most interesting thing is that you will get it in 4 different colors.

Similarly, the device has come with the remote control and the mist nozzle, so you can easily direct it from far away. Undoubtedly, this is a great advantage for you!

Another advantage you will get from it is that the product includes a handle with the water tank that you will not find with most other products. So, taking out or placing the tank is not a matter of concern not if you choose and buy this product.

There is something very amusing about the display placed on the front of the device. The whole thing about the product is elegance anyway. After turning on the device, you need to wait for about 15 minutes to see the first mist output.

Moreover, the machine includes a humidistat feature, and the feature helps the humidifier to monitor, control, and detect the ideal humidity inside the room. All these features make it simply the best cool mist humidifier for asthma.


  1. Auto shut down when out of water
  2. Contains 5 different mist output settings
  3. Includes automatic mode
  4. Adds remote control
  5. The timer allows it to turn off when you want


  • Expensive
  • White dust can be seen on the furniture

5. AirExpect Cool Mist Humidifier:

AirExpect cool mist humidifier comes with 3.5L or 0.92 gallons capacity and can run 24 hours continuously. It helps you to breathe easily and sleep better. This product is efficiently suitable for medium-sized to large rooms and bedrooms.

On the other hand, the humidifier provides perfect coverage and leaves no condensation on the floor. You need not think about its durability as it has come with premium material that helps you suppress mold growth and can work best with distilled water.

This powerful humidifier has a nice interface and perfect design. It allows you to reduce leakage and at the same time, increase resistance to compression. You need not worry about base crack and leakage because it has been made with perfect materials that raise the durability of the produce.

Besides, it includes a super quiet function that ensures your peace of mind for overnight use. This product emits cool water vapor into the air for the full night, and it is a perfect decoration in any place.

The top-fill design makes this humidifier really a handy appliance. It is incredibly easy to disassemble and clean. It has a very useful auto shut-off feature that ensures the safety and prevents excessive humidification.


  1. 3 different mist modes.
  2. Moisture output is adjustable.
  3. Silent and innovative design.
  4. Finest internal base and upgraded filter.
  5. Lifetime customer support.


  • User manual is not complete.

6. TaoTronics Humidifiers:

The TaoTronic humidifier has come with a more affordable side that includes a 360-degrees rotating nozzle and this feature allows the humidifier to disperse mist into any direction according to your wish, and it will do it without moving the product a single inch.

But you cannot refill the water tank via the nozzle. Instead of doing that you need to take away the water tank from the base, then to remove it, you have to twist the filter at the end of the reservoir.

Though you cannot use essential oil with it, it will be still a great product as it adds moisture into the air. When you start the product for the first time, you will hear a ticking sound from it as an audible cue and make sure that it is functioning.

To confirm this you will also get an LED green indicator. You need not worry about checking whether the tank is out of water because the green LED light will turn red when the tank is out of water.

Nevertheless, the product has come with an auto-shutdown feature and it avoids any overheating of the parts. The device will be automatically off when the tank will be out of water. It includes extra-fine ceramic filters to clean the impure water and produce a healthy batch of fresh mist every time.

Along with all these things mentioned above, you will also get an additional cleaning brush, a filter, and the user manual.


  1. Run continuously for nearly 10 hours
  2. Includes a visual indicator and an automatic shut down feature
  3. Involves an extra-fine ceramic filter
  4. 360-degree rotation nozzle
  5. The filter needs no replacement and can be cleaned frequently


  • The tank does not have any handle to carry

7. URPOWER MH501 Humidifier:

URPOWER is available in both a 3.5-liter and 5-liter water tank and assures to assist you raise the humidity in the room to the optimal levels.

The product comes with the matte black body design and looks like a once fierce humidifier. It includes a single press button to choose between high and low mist output.

Though you cannot use essential oils, it is a great product with a lot of power. The mist output volume of this auto shut down featured humidifier can go as high as 350 ml per hour. It will shut down automatically when water is no longer detected in the tank.  

Furthermore, this product emits cool water vapor into the air for the full night, and it is a perfect decoration in any place. It includes low, middle, and high mist output, and can work for 14 to 17 hours straight.

Another opportunity is that it will never overheat or short circuit. At the same time, you need not worry about the operation because it includes only one power button to control the humidifier.


  1. Silent unit
  2. Includes auto-shutdown feature
  3. A sleeping mode is also there
  4. Contains 3 different output settings


  • No essential oils can be used

8. Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Humidifier:

Even if the weight of the BONECO Ultrasonic Humidifier is a little bit high, it’s still regarded as compact. It comes with a high-tech interface along with a dimming digital display and touch buttons.

You can have the right to use the features like the 8-hours timer from the control panel. You will get a 3-year warranty with the product.

It will provide you with the highest output of 3.5 gallons per 24 hours and from its 1.5-gallon tank, you will have half a day’s worth of mist. You can choose either the 104-degree Fahrenheit warm-mist or the cool-mist option, and you can also set the mist to flow at any one of the three speeds.

You will have a sleep mode that puts the fan on its low and quietest setting and faints the display. Remember, this one is considered as the best humidifier for asthma and allergies.

For the asthma patients, the product includes a hygrostat that mechanically regulates the relative humidity as needed. On the other hand, the humidifier can be set the relative humidity manually from 30% to 80%.

To prevent limescale, as an extra, you will get a demineralization cartridge, and to trigger asthma attacks, you will get an activated-carbon hydro cell to destroy VOCs, and to clean the tank, you will also get a 3-pack box of EZCAL powder.  


  1. Includes a two-in-one filter for humidification without leftover residue
  2. An optimal automatic mode for self-regulating humidification
  3. A touch-sensitive control panel with a digital LED display
  4. A built-in fragrance tray to add oils according to your will


  • To provide dimmer nighttime setting, you cannot turn off the LED display

How to Buy Best Humidifiers for Asthma

Be aware of your requirements, your reasons, and your budget before buying a humidifier. For your help, I am giving you some tips so that you don’t regret after buy it for your home. Let’s see –

Noise: Noise is an important factor to consider before buying a humidifier. If you want to buy a quiet humidifier, you must invest a little more because some devices are specifically designed for noise reduction. This will make you able to sleep peacefully at night.

Specific Features: Some specific features can allow you to operate the device peacefully. In that case, you should look for an auto shut off and timer functionality device that allow you to sleep peacefully without thinking to turn it off manually. You should also look for a humidistat feature to maintain the humidity level and stops over moistening the air of the room.

The space and size of the room: You must measure the size and space of your room before buying a humidifier. If your purchased device cannot suit the space and size of the room, then it will be a mere wastage of money.

Ventilation of the room: A big room with less ventilation requires a powerful humidifier to do the extra work. If you need to open the windows always in hot weather, you must look for a larger capacity humidifier. So, this issue is much more important than other issues to consider.

Faq’s for Best Humidifier for Asthma

1. What is the right humidifier for asthma to purchase?

There are a lot of humidifiers on the market, but some of them may not satisfy your demand. So, you can buy BONECO Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, AIRCARE MA1201, or Honeywell HCM350W humidifier.
All other humidifiers are also good for asthma, but I recommend those because I think they can support you best to keep you free from asthma problems.

2. Is warm or cool mist humidifier better?

Both warm and cool mist humidifiers are effective. But you will get some humidifiers that are the combination of these two. This type of humidifier will be more efficient and will save your money as well.

3. Is it okay to sleep next to a humidifier?

Sleeping next to a humidifier is not always good. This may have harmful effects on your body. Even your bed, pillows, sheets can get a dump. If you have an asthma problem, keep the humidifier in such a distance that can humidify the entire room accurately but do not harm your health.

4. Where is the best place to put a humidifier in your home?

Actually, it depends on various things. But make sure, that is not too close to your bed. Keep on a place so that the humidity can cover all the areas ideally without hampering your regular activities.

5. Is there any way to enhance the performance of your humidifier?

Cleaning is a way that I can recommend you to maintain the quality performance for a longer time. You will need to clean the whole humidifier and clean the filter separately. Take care of your humidifier and they will serve you for years

Final Verdict:

Now, I think you have a clear idea of what is the best humidifier for asthma. You have an excellent list of highly efficient humidifiers and you can choose from them. I am sure that you will never be disappointed by purchasing any of them.

However, if I recommend any of the humidifiers, I will certainly recommend BONECO/Air-O-Swiss. This is loaded with all useful features and therefore, choosing this will be a wise decision.

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