How Do You Use a Vicks Germ-Free Humidifier?

Well, the main task is to help maintain ideal room temperature by controlling the humidity level of a room. Right?

Vicks germ-free humidifier is an affordable humidifier that not only maintains the moisture level of your room but also kills 99.9% of fungus, bacteria, and allergens with the help of UV light technology.

But, dow do you use a Vicks Germ-Free Humidifier? Do you know that? Well, this is an article where we discuss How Do You Use a Vicks Germ-Free Humidifier.

First, let us talk about what exactly is a germ-free humidifier.

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What is a germ-free humidifier?

A germ-free humidifier is a humidifier that radiates an invisible germ-free air into the environment with the help of evaporative technology.

Here are all the steps of how this process is done.

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How Do You Use a Vicks Germ-Free Humidifier?

  1. First, untreated water is sanitized in the UV chamber with the help of UV light. All the harmful ingredients like germs and bacterias are killed in this step.
  2. Then the purified water is consumed by a wicking filter in the base.
  3. Using a fan, it pulls dry air into the filter to absorb the moisture before releasing an invisible germ-free air.
  4. With the help of its evaporative technology, it ensures that the room is never over humidified.
  5. It also prevents white dust if you use hard water.

Usages of a germ-free humidifier:

We already know what a germ-free humidifier is mainly used for. In this segment of the article, we have a detailed discussion of a germ-free humidifier’s usages.

Provide germ-free air:

With the help of UV light, this humidifier kills the harmful air components like bacteria and germ and provides germ-free air.

The wicking filter inside the humidifier prevents bacterial buildup and keeps the internals safe.

Benefits of germ-free air:

  1. It helps in reducing allergy symptoms.
  2. Minimize the chances of respiratory infections.
  3. Promotes healthy breathing among family members.

Maintain humidity level:

A humidifier helps sustain an ideal moisture level in the environment by releasing moisture into the air.

Benefits of balanced humidity level:

  1. Reduce the chances of flu
  2. Keeps the skin moisturized by reducing dryness.
  3. It makes the air more breathable and minimizes allergy problems.

Release aromatic vapor:

This humidifier can also disperse an aromatic fragrance along with the cold mist. You have to use VapoPads for this.

VapoPads can have different aromas. You can choose between them and find what suits your taste.

Every piece of tech has its strengths and weaknesses. This humidifier is no different. Here are the pros and cons of a germ-free humidifier from Vicks

Pros and cons of the germ-free humidifier of Vicks:


  1. Better control over humidity level: This humidifier has three different levels for controlling mist. Also, this ensures that the humidity level is never too high or low.
  2. Big enough water tank that lasts 24 hours: It has a 1-gallon water tank that can last 24 hours with one filling. The refilling process is straightforward, as well.
  3. Effectively kill 99.9% of germs: It has an adequate UV light and wicking filter that can efficiently kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  4. 3-year warranty: It comes with a 3-year warranty, which means you can use it for a long time without any worry.


  1. Need to change the filter very often: The filters inside require frequent replacement.
  2. Using high settings can create excessive noise: When using high settings, you may not like it.
  3. Has a bright blue light: This bright blue light can also be a problem.
  4. Difficult to clean: It is challenging to keep this humidifier clean. You need to clean it quite often.

You should use distilled water. Because if you use hard water, you will need to change the filter every 3 or 4 weeks.

You can clean the base of the humidifier and the wicking filter with vinegar or bleach. These need cleaning every week to prevent the increase of bacteria.

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Vicks germ-free humidifier is a handy device. It keeps the air around you perfectly humid and also kills off germs and bacteria.

The only major downside is the cleaning part, which is very minimal, considering the benefits it offers.

Now, have you understood the usage of a vicks germ free humidifier? If you do, then let us know in the comment box below!

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