How to Clean Humidifier Filter (3 Effective Methods)

To get the best performance from your humidifier, you should definitely know how to clean humidifier filter.

People suffer from a number of diseases like itchy eyes, nosebleeds, a dry throat, cracked skin and irritated sinuses, etc because of air conditions with low humidity.

If you have a humidifier in your home or workplace you should concern about how to clean the humidifier filter. It’s not a very tough job but without cleaning your humidifier may be harmful to you. You may choose your right filter also from this how to clean a humidifier filter writing.

So if this is the case, using a humidifier is a perfect solution to get rid of poor humidity. The filter is an integral part of your humidifier that works as a wick. As a result of frequent use, mineral remainders, mold, etc are stuck up in the filter which decreases the efficiency of the humidifier.

That is why the humidifier filter should be cleaned every now and then. Many people wonder how to perfectly clean a humidifier filter but in fact, it is not so difficult if you follow a few simple methods properly.  

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Thorough Washing of the Reusable Filter

1. Since you are supposed to touch or handle many soaked parts, make sure to unplug the humidifier first of all. Unplugging the humidifier will save you from any kind of risk.

2. After unplugging, it is time to vacate the humidifier tank completely by draining the old water out of the tank. You can simply open the top compartment of the humidifier in order to access the tank.

3. Once the tank is empty, take out the dirty filter which you will find inside the humidifier’s motor housing.  After this, examine the filter to observe how much cleaning the filter requires.  Rinsing will be enough if the filter is less dirty.
But in case of the presence of mold and excessive mineral buildup, you can use bleach or vinegar for cleaning the humidifier filter. If the filter is made of disposable paper, you cannot clean it. So in this regard, you have no way other than throwing it away and setting a new filter.

4. Now hold the filter under fresh and cool running water to eliminate any minimal remainders of dust, dirt or impurities. After thorough rinsing, dry the filter properly and completely. It is wise to keep it on an absorbent towel to dry it up instead of using any dryer machine for this purpose.


Cleaning Humidifier Filter with Vinegar

1. Take warm water in a bucket or sink to immerse the filter in it.

2. Now mix one part of vinegar in every two parts of water. This solution will come in handy to wipe out any kind of hard mineral deposit in the filter.

3. After that, immerse the filter in the solution and let it soak for about 30-45 minutes.

4. After 30-45 minutes, take the filter out of vinegar solution and wash it completely under running water to remove the vinegar. Once you ensure that the filter is completely clear, set it aside to dry.


Cleaning Humidifier Filter with Bleach

1. Another effective way to sanitize the filter and get rid of excessive mold is using bleach. To do this, first of all fill a bucket, container or sink with a high concentration of water. 
When you think How to Clean Humidifier Filter with bleach, you have to take water in higher concentration than you would have to take while cleaning with vinegar.

2. After keeping the water ready, add a little amount of bleach to the water.  The proportion should be 1 part of bleach for 6 parts of water.  While touching the bleach put on gloves and do not let the bleach come into contact with bare skin.   

3. Now submerge the filter fully in the solution and let it be there for about 10 minutes. It is not necessary to scrub the filter because bleach has the ability do the cleaning and sterilizing job by itself.

4. Finally, it is time to withdraw the filter from the solution and rinse it with warm water. Make sure that, every remaining trace of the bleach is washed away. Unless you do it, the bleach may spread in the air when the humidifier will be turned on again.

Faq’s for How to Clean Humidifier Filter

are humidifier filters washable?

yes. Most of the humidifiers filters are washable .

can you clean humidifier filter with vinegar?

yes.If the manufacturer makes no objection. you may wash your humidifier filter with vinegar.

why does humidifier filter turn yellow?

If your humidifier filter turn yellow, It means its fighting with dust on air. its natural and in the primary stage. nothing to worry .after some days , depend on air its normal .

does humidifier need filter?

yes . without filter how a humidifier clean the dust on air . its the necessary accessories of a humidifier .

how to tell if a humidifier filter is bad?

if a humidifier filter turns deep brown or black it means it is saturated my dust .and it not working properly . you should check your room air quality with air quality meter . then you may define whether your humidifier is working good or not.

does vicks humidifier need filter

no . vicks humidifier does not need filter for its operation .

does crane humidifier need filter

yes. but they have an option for without filtration .

Wrap Up

Knowing how to clean humidifier filter is essential and important both to make the humidifier work smoothly and to get hygienic and fresh air from the machine.

In addition to following the methods stated above, you can also follow the user manual of your humidifier. But always remember to maintain enough precautions while cleaning your humidifier as well as humidifier filter.

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