How to Clean Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier?

Humidifiers are very effective especially in the dry season like winter. It produces steam by adding heat and moisture into the air that helps your breathing.

To receive proper support from any device, such as humidifier and dehumidifier, cleaning and caring for use is very important. Here we will talk about how to clean Vicks warm mist humidifier.

If you have issues like asthma and allergies then a warm mist humidifier can be very helpful for you. Sore throats and coughs problems can also be treated by it. Perfectly knowing how to clean Vicks humidifier is important and applying them weekly or at least any kind of regular basis will make a great change on the performance of the humidifier.

How to Clean Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier: [ Step by Step Guide ]

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier is a bestseller and popular humidifier at present. everyone doesn’t have time to read the manual. here we discuss the step-by-step guides of How to Clean Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier?

As Vicks warm mist humidifier is involved with water reservoirs, a regular wash is very crucial for it. To be served with proper functionalities, routine cleaning is compulsory. It will reduce the risk of using this device. Now, let’s take a look at the steps of cleaning your warm mist humidifier.

1) Unplugging Your Humidifier:

Never go forward to clean your humidifier without unplugging it. If it is still hot, give it some time to cool down.

2) Disassemble All Parts: To get access to the water reservoir, you have to separate all the removable parts. There will be a manual with the device while buying. Simply follow the manual to complete the disassembly process.

3) Using White Vinegar: Once you are done with detaching the parts, you have to wash them now. Pour white vinegar in a bowl then put all the parts in it for thirty minutes.

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4) Washing the Parts: Use water and a regular sponge to wash them. Then wipe them properly. Remember not to leave any water or component at any corner.

5) Rinse the Removable Parts: Rinse all the parts using distilled water. There should not be any hint of vinegar on the parts. Use a towel to dry them.

6) Empty the Humidifier: At this stage, you have to start cleaning the humidifier. Empty it by dumping out the misting water. Place it at different orders to confirm that each corner is water-free.

7) Again, Use the White Vinegar: Fill up the water reservoir or container within at most one and a half centimeter with white vinegar. Wait to sit the vinegar for half an hour. By doing this any bacteria or toxic element will be killed.

8) Use a Toothbrush: Because of using, some areas of the humidifier can turn to grey or light brown color. It is proof of the existence of mineral staining or mildew. Use a brush to clean the areas properly.

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9) Distilled Water to Rinse the Humidifier: Through away all the vinegar from the container. Now fill it with distilled water and rinse it at least two times. Make sure there is no vinegar left. Give the humidifier some time to dry.

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A Few Precautions:

The safest option of using your humidifier is not to stop it until the water in the container is completely used. By using the full quantity of water there will be no chance to form any bacteria.

Use distilled water only while rinsing the parts and containers. Do not run the warm mist humidifier near any fabric. Excess humidity may grow mold on any surface.

Faq’s for How to Clean Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier?

Wrap Up:

The warm mist humidifier can be the solution when you are having a problem with cold and allergies. The mechanism, as well as the functionalities of this device, is easy and user-friendly. If the device is properly taken care of, then it will serve for at least twelve hours for each container.

As mentioned above, you should never neglect the cleaning. A properly cleaned humidifier will work like a new one every time. As long as you are taking good care of your humidifier according to how to clean Vicks warm mist humidifier, it will run for a long period.

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