How to recharge a dehumidifier

If you are reading this guide now, then it’s quite evident that you are pissed off dealing with humid climates and sticky, damp surfaces. Right?

Maybe you have bought a humidifier already and facing a problem with the recharging matter or How to recharge a dehumidifier?

The air will feel much better inside of your home when there is less moisture. A humidifier will help you in this job. Do you have a dehumidifier in your home? If yes, then you have to recharge your humidifier yourself. in this article, we will teach you how to recharge your dehumidifier.

No worries! This article is going to help you. We have designed it to provide you with information on how to recharge a dehumidifier and some other basic queries.

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What’s a Dehumidifier?

Well, a humidifier absorbs the moisture from the air and provides dry or fresh air. It works as the same process as a refrigerator or an a.c. People who have allergic problems with excess moisture, mold mites, etc. should go for a dehumidifier.

 Sometimes a damp environment can cause many fatal respiratory diseases. So we can be a humidifier and be a lifesaver to many.

Before going straight to the point, it would be better to know the basic types of a humidifier because recharging options may vary according to their kinds.

Types of Dehumidifier:

A humidifier is basically of three types. They are:

Refrigerant Dehumidifier:

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This humidifier uses the process as your refrigerator. It cools a metal plate on which the moisture from the air condenses. This one is best for typical room temperatures.

Desiccant Dehumidifier:

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It differs from the above type. It absorbs the water from the air with desiccant. Desiccant is something like the ‘silica gel’ we get from a phone, camera, or computer package. You can use it for your garage or workshop center.

Whole House Dehumidifier:

This one is more effective in removing camps and cheaper than others.

The effectiveness of the coolant or compressor depends on recharging the dehumidifier. It may be hazardous and time-consuming, but for the durability, it is a must-have.

In previous times, recharging kits were available in any hardware store. But over time, due to scientific and environmental issues, you can’t get these in your local shop.

But in many online pages recharging kits are available. You can search for them. The manual comes with the appliance can also be your guide.

But if you have lost it, then don’t be panicked. The following guidelines will help you. Let’s see…

How to Recharge a Dehumidifier?

Before you start the procedure, it is necessary to find out that your device needs a charge or not. When you see that the machine is wasting electricity without removing moisture, take the further steps, you have to plug it in.

By the way, there are also three steps to find it out.

  • The first one is, if your motor is not working correctly, then the problem may be with the fan. Don’t recharge it. Check the engine first.
  • It can also happen that your fan gets stuck due to debris or dust; that’s why it is not working.
  • And most importantly, if your room doesn’t have any moisture, the dehumidifier has nothing to absorb. That’s why it has just stopped working.

On the other hand, if your device has nothing with these issues, go for conventional settings. Here we point the entire procedure out for your convenience.

  1. First, order the recharge kits online. It will make your task easier. They come with a tiny ga can or cylinder containing R- 22, R-410A, or any other gas.
  2. You must be aware of the gas you are using. It must be compatible with the compressor.
  3. Then remove the cable of your humidifier from power.
  4. Get all the necessary equipment to open it.
  5. Now you should bolt all of the unbolts, and you can take pictures if you want. It will help you in assembling next time.
  6. Go with removing the back part or top part.
  7. If you are done with opening it, then get the compressor out, and there you will find a hose.
  8. Then get the can and adequately connect to it. You will find the compressor is getting charged.
  9. After a couple of minutes, the gas will transfer from the can to the compressor. You must be conscious of time also.
  10. After getting charged, you can remove it from the can and bolt all the parts in their previous place. You can use the pictures that you took before.
  11. Finally, check all of the parts again and again. Make sure they should not fall.
  12. For the Desiccant type of humidifier, it is best to recharge it by drying it under the sunlight. But that type of humidifier has electric recharging facilities also. You can use it to save time.

Cautions to maintain while charging

  • Use a mask while doing the whole procedure.
  • If you are not confident enough, then it is good to call for a professional hand.
  • Ensure that there is nothing to a flame.
  • One more thing, most of the dehumidifiers need to recharge after one year of excessive use.
  • So, don’t plug it more frequently. It will shorten the durability.

So the procedure is relatively straightforward, and if I’m not wrong, your brain is now storming with a question, and that is: Can I recharge my dehumidifier? In this aspect, we are incredibly sorry that we can’t give you any welcome news.

Not all types of dehumidifiers can be recharged. You can only recharge these, containing refrigerators or coolant like R-410A, R-22 or Puron, etc.

And if you are confused about your device type, then it’s the best option to read the manual again and again. It will help you to find what kind of device you have and if you can recharge it or not.

Faq’s about How to recharge a dehumidifier

Is your dehumidifier rechargeable?

You need to find out if your machine even relies on the coolant or refrigerant to function before deciding to recharge the humidifier.
Generally, such models contain a separate chamber inside the setup where it stores the cooling materials.
The best way to be sure is to check your instruction manual for specific directions. If you don’t find it there, try to dig up some information online about the specific model of dehumidifier you own.
 If such measures fail, it is always a good idea to call for professional servicing. After all, dehumidifiers are not something so simple to operate or repair.

How long do they last for?

As a dehumidifier is our daily necessities, so the durability of the device does matter. The durability of it depends on how you use it or brands of it.

You should regularly check and be aware of the aspects that shorten the lifespan. Some other factors can increase its longevity. Such as:

  • Maintenance
  • Professional repairing
  • Mechanism and model
  • Annual inspection etc.

If you can understand the type of dehumidifier and take care of it, then a dehumidifier can last for 2 to 5 years.


Finally, here is all the necessary information on how to recharge a dehumidifier that you may need to operate. To get the best use of it, make sure that you follow the steps accurately and safely.

If you still have further queries, then feel free to ask. Enjoy the fresh air, and stay home!

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