How to Recharge a rechargeable dehumidifier?

A rechargeable dehumidifier is a useful tool that we use to reduce moisture from the excessively humid environment to keep balance the humidity level and keep the humidity level ideal.

A rechargeable dehumidifier is a useful tool and not so difficult to use. you should cautious about the power line and keep away from your children.

There are dehumidifiers of various designs. We often need to recharge our dehumidifier if our dehumidifier uses coolants or refrigerants and for that, we need to know how to recharge a dehumidifier? appropriately.

You should understand that your dehumidifier has to be recharged in case of your dehumidifier’s inability to remove moisture when the motor and fan still work properly. Prior to recharging, three aspects of your dehumidifier need to be examined and they are:

  1. Whether the motor is properly functioning or not,
  2. If the fan is also working or not,
  3. Whether the environment of your surroundings is still so humid or not.

Can All Dehumidifiers Be Recharged?

Not all kinds of dehumidifiers are rechargeable.  You can only recharge those dehumidifying devices that use coolant or refrigerant like R-22, R-410A, etc.

To know in detail about whether your dehumidifier is rechargeable or not, you can check the manual that comes with your device.  If you have lost the manual, you can also take help from the internet.

Coolants in the Past and Now:

There was a kind of coolant called R-22 which was used by the older dehumidifiers. But nowadays, its use is discontinued and strictly regulated all over the world.

During that time air conditioner or dehumidifier recharging kits used to be available. All you needed to do was just hooking the hoses to the dehumidifier and do according to the instruction.

In the passage of time, recharging kits are not available everywhere today because of strict environmental regulations.

You have to look for professional HVAC companies where such a service of recharging dehumidifiers is provided. They are helpful for you provided that they are authorized to recharge the dehumidifier and they have an R-22 coolant.

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Inspect Your Dehumidifier:

A sticker or panel on your dehumidifier may indicate which coolant you require to recharge your dehumidifier. Another way is by checking the manufacturer’s date. If your dehumidifier is made before 1995, R-22 is enough most likely.

However newer and modern dehumidifiers use more environment-friendly coolants. They run on R-410A in general which is also called Puron. It is an inexpensive coolant. 

Though Puron causes lesser problems than some other ‘green coolants’, some ozone problems are still created by this because this coolant is methane-based. Moreover, it requires more pressure to run than R-22.

Different dehumidifiers require different coolants. You cannot use Puron if your dehumidifier is old-fashioned. It is wise to use a new dehumidifier that uses R-410A or Puron coolant.

Recharge Procedure of Dehumidifiers:

You cannot recharge a dehumidifier by yourself. However, it was possible in the past to recharge a dehumidifier by means of dehumidifier recharging kits which were available at normal hardware stores.

But due to the caution of scientists on using the chemicals, the coolants or refrigerants are not found everywhere. The availability of coolants is now limited within some particular HVAC companies only.

Faq’s about How to Recharge a rechargeable dehumidifier

What If Recharging Does Not Work?

If your non-rechargeable dehumidifier shows errors, there must be some ways to fix it other than recharging.  In that case, regular maintenance and repairing can be done to fix the problem.

The first thing a dehumidifier user should care about is, making sure that the coil is cleaned in a proper and appropriate way since dust build-up makes it difficult to breathe.

Secondly, the screw that holds the fan should be checked and therefore tightened if it becomes loose. 

You may hear a rattling sound from the fan if the screw is loose. If the screw holding the fan is loose, it impedes the dehumidifier to function properly.

Furthermore, you should also examine the motor whether it is turning or not.

The dehumidifier includes an internal compressor that helps the air come into the machine and then go back out into the room, it should also be checked.

Wrap Up:

Although it is quite disappointing that recharging dehumidifiers has been difficult nowadays due to the unavailability of coolants in general hardware shops.

In the modern era, more and more people are conscious of possible health hazards caused by coolants used to recharge dehumidifiers, air conditioners, etc. So, you have no option other than depending on some particular HVAC companies to recharge your dehumidifier.

With proper maintenance and usage, your dehumidifying machine can be long-lasting and efficient.

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