Four (4) Simple Ways to Know If Your Purifier Is Working

“Air purifier” – these two words indicate what it means. Air purifiers mainly work for balancing our indoor air circulation. We use air purifiers at the home, office, or other places to refresh the air inside our standing.

But when we use an air purifier, it’s too difficult to find its performance; rather, it is working correctly or not because internal purifying issues are so microscopic that we can’t identify them. Right?

Four (4) Simple Ways to Know If Your Purifier Is Working

Though it’s easy to use and requires servicing occasionally, that’s why it may confuse you whether it is working or not. And a query will rise in your mind, “how do I know if my air purifier is working?”

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Here in this specific guide, we’re going to suggest to you how you can know if your air purifier is working.

Let’s jump into it:

Simple ways to know if your purifier is working:

Check for airflow:

Checking the cleaner’s airflow is the easiest method to find out whether your air purifier is working.

Whatever, Many purifier have an automatic function to adjust its fan based on the level of pollutant it detects in the air. But, if the indoor air is clean, it may provide a little atmosphere to make the indoor air more energetic.

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You may need to change your air purifier’s automatic function as you may change the automatic fan settings. If the air purifier is working correctly, you will feel a light breeze coming from the vents.

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The more you’ll use your air purifier, you will get to know how it is working by understanding its sound. Got it, right?

An air purifier may not sounds all the time. If there is any blockage from the pollutant manufacturer, your cleaner may sound louder than usual times.

Moreover, a purifier never reacts completely silent, because if the fans inside your air purifier are working correctly, you will hear the sound of blades inside your air purifier.

If it’s not working properly, it may not react with manual adjustment of speed. Therefore, you can seek help from the manufacturers in that case.

Monitor filter service indicator:

Purifiers have some filtering service indicator lights; they are usually positioned within its app or both.

If the lights get on, it doesn’t mean you need to replace the air purifier. Also, this light comes automatically just because of its previous settings, and not for any errors.

If the Indicators come out, then take your time to inspect the filters and take necessary steps if there seems an error.

Manually Check The Filter:

Lastly, To inspect if your air purifier is working, this is one of the easiest ways. An air purifier works with a HEPA filter to purify the indoor air quality.

So if you find dust, hair, debris into the filter; don’t go for washing it, because it may uncover dust or bacteria again into the air.

However, you can clean the pre-filter inside your purifier. If there is enough to clog it up, then you should replace your air purifier.

An internal replacement of a purifier requires the place and environment and how long it’s used.

Mainly, you will need new filters every six months because dirt and pollution on the HEPA filter reduce its energy to clean the air.

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Well, it’s time to replace the air purifiers filter. And it’s the best time to clean and inspect the dust sensor. Furthermore, make sure to expel the extra plastic cover of the new filter.

Moreover, you can follow the cleaning rules for a better result, referred to the instruction book of your air purifier, or what any cleaning agents refer to do.

Use Indoor Air Quality Monitor:

As we know, an air purifier monitor may assist you in inspecting the air’s possible circulation. Right?

But if you are thinking that it is giving you the exact reading of your indoor air quality, you are not right. So, it’s not going to help you properly to measure the performance of your air purifier.

Now, as we suggest, they will refer to an independent air quality indicator for a perfect measurement of air quality.

These types of devices will help you to analyze a real result of air quality. As a result, you can easily measure how your air purifier is performing.

Final Words:

A purifier will enhance your indoor air quality by removing VOCs, dust allergens, etc. However, it’s necessary to operate them correctly.

Before placing an air purifier, be sure where you are putting it, and it is capable of this range area.

If you’re still facing problems, contact a manufacturer for more help. If it is working after that, then keep it or send it back to the store.

Stay safe!

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