Vicks Germ Free Humidifier Review – Is It Worth Purchasing?

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Humidifiers have become an essential part of every household. Whether it is winter or summer (sometimes), humidifiers help to keep the room temperature moderate by dispersing an adequate amount of moisture to relieve us from cough, sinus, and allergy problems. Moreover, it reduces skin dryness and keeps our skin moisturized.

Vicks Germ-Free Humidifier Review:

If you are on the hunt to purchase an excellent humidifier, which is affordable and also efficient, then Vicks V3900 Germ-Free Cool Moisture Humidifier is a perfect choice. It comes with useful features and will also fit your budget.

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For more info about the humidifier, read this Vicks germ free humidifier review and decide yourself how good this humidifier is for you.

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Key Features :

Three Mist Control Settings :

One of the most essential features of this humidifier is the three settings of mist control; low, medium, and high. This mist control will help you to select the required humidity output setting for your room and will keep the humidity level moderate up to 40%-60%.

Many humidifiers only come with two mist control settings, and therefore, sometimes the moisture level becomes too low, or too high for the users. But this humidifier doesn’t let that happen as you can select from the three mist controls.

Some top-rated & bestseller vicks humidifier:

The low setting helps to moisturize the small rooms, the medium setting helps to keep the moisture level moderate, and the high setting is perfect for humidifying large rooms.

Free of Germs Mist:

The humidifier kills 99.9% of fungus, bacteria, and mold from the unit’s water with the help of UV-light technology and disperses only germ-free cool mist into the air.

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The Protec Wicking filter in the humidifier helps to remove pollutants and minerals from the water and protects the humidifier from bacterial build-up. The germ-free mist helps you to sleep comfortably at night and temporarily relieves dry noses, coughs, itchy skin, and congestion.

24-Hour Cool Mist :

This amazing humidifier comes with a 1-gallon tank of water that goes for about 24 hours with one-time filling. You can easily disassemble the humidifier and can fill the tank without any hassle. This humidifier is best for larger rooms, but you can use it in small rooms and nurseries as well.

Soothing VapoPads :

Vicks VapoPads, 6 Count – Soothing Menthol...

The Vicks humidifier not only disperses mist but also exudes aromatic and soothing vapor with the help of the Vicks VapoPads. There are three comforting scents available.

  • Original menthol.
  • Sleep Time Comfort – lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus.
  • Calming Vapors – lavender and menthol.

You can choose your preferred scent and should insert it in the humidifier. The vapor will provide a refreshing fragrance for up to 8 hours only, so you need to replace it continually. Each Vicks VapoPads package contains 12 scent Vapopads.

3-Year Warranty:

Durable, the humidifier is backed up with a 3-year limited warranty so you can use it for a long time. It will release cool mist into the dry air to provide comfort and enhance your soothing experience.

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Pros of Vicks Germ-Free Humidifier:

  1. 1-gallon water tank with 24 hours run time.
  2. Features an efficient filter that kills up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria from the water.
  3. Quiet but effective operation.
  4. Three settings mist control for adjusting the humidity level.
  5. Features VaporPads for experiencing soothing scents.

Cons of Vicks Germ-Free Humidifier:

  1. The filter needs to be replaced frequently.
  2. The high setting might be loud.
  3. Blue bright light around the knob.

How Does This Humidifier Work?

The humidifier uses evaporative technology to emit invisible cool mist into the air. The untreated water enters the UV chamber, where the Ultra-violet light kills all the bacteria and germs from the water and makes it germ-free.

The sanitized water then flows to the base and is consumed by the Wicking filter. Later on, the humidifier pulls dry air into the filter for absorbing the moisture and releases an invisible germ-free mist into the air with the help of a fan.

The evaporative technology doesn’t let the room be over-humidified. This humidifier also prevents white dust, in case you use hard water.

Is It Easy to Clean Vicks Germ Free Humidifier?

It’s quite easy to clean the Vicks humidifier, but you need to clean it more often if you use it frequently. Using hard water in the humidifier will make the filter dirty quickly, so the water filter should be replaced every 3-4 weeks, therefore, using distilled water is recommended.

You have to remove the accessories and Wicking filter from the base of the humidifier and can clean it with vinegar or bleach. The water tank of the humidifier can also be cleaned with bleach after emptying the tank. Make sure to clean the humidifier weekly so that it doesn’t get accumulated too much bacteria and dirt.

What the Users of the Humidifier Has to Say About It?

The humidifier has been liked a lot by the users for its uniqueness. The users find it quite easy to use and straightforward to clean. The three output settings help them to keep the humidity level moderate and relieve them from congestion and cough for a short time.

Some found it useful even without using filters. The germ-free mist refreshes the air and keeps them moisturized. The most attractive part of the humidifier is it is quite affordable.

Besides having some useful features, the humidifier comes with some disadvantages too. Many users found the blue LED light of the humidifier quite bright and disturbing.

It leaked for some users, and they found it quite loud on high settings. You are required to replace the filters frequently too. The users find the 1-gallon tank not big enough to cover the large rooms as most users have to fill the tank twice or thrice a day.

What Are the Replacement Parts?

You can replace the accessories of the humidifier. The ProtecWiking filter: WF2 and the Vicks vapor pads: VSP-19/ VBR-5 can be replaced. If you face any problems with the humidifier, then you can contact customer service for support.

vicks vaporizer:

A Vicks Vaporizer is a device that releases soothing Vicks vapors into the air to provide relief from cold and flu symptoms. The vaporizer melts Vicks cubes or beads, which are broken down into water vapor and then released into the room. You can also add essential oils to the vaporizer to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

Faq’s about Vicks Germ-Free Humidifier Review

1. Does The Humidifier Contain Any Light?

vicks germ free humidifier review


Yes, there is UV light, which is invisible at night. And a small light around the knob of the mist output control settings.

2. How Often Should I Replace the Protec Filter?

how to clean Vicks warm mist humidifier


The filter should be replaced every 3-4 weeks for safe and germ-free mist if it gets accumulated with too many minerals. It is recommended for the users to use clean water so that they can use the filter for a long time.

3. Does The Humidifier Feature An Automatic Shut-off System?


Unfortunately, no. The humidifier will not shut off automatically if the water in the tank runs out. You have to keep checking the tank constantly after 7-8 hours to see the water level.

4. Do Cool Mist Humidifiers Kill Germs?


Humidifiers cannot kill germs directly. But a cool-mist humidifier refines air quality. By doing that job, it can decrease the flu virus or floating germs in the air.

5. are Vicks humidifiers safe for dogs?


Some owners have reported that their dogs experienced negative effects after exposure to Vicks vapors, such as respiratory problems, excessive panting, and even seizures. On the other hand, some dog owners claim that using a Vicks humidifier has actually helped relieve their pet’s congestion and other respiratory issues.

If you are considering using a Vicks humidifier around your dog, it is best to speak with your veterinarian beforehand to get their professional opinion on the matter.

6. what is cvs humidifier?


A CVS humidifier is a device that helps to add moisture to the air in your home. This can be beneficial for people who suffer from allergies, or who have dry skin. It can also help to reduce static electricity in your home. There are different types of CVS humidifiers, and they vary in price and features.

Some models use Warm Mist, which can help to loosen congestion and provide relief for cold symptoms. Others use Ultrasonic technology to create a fine mist that is dispersed evenly into the air. You should choose a model that best suits your needs and budget.

7. is vick air humidifier and Vicks humidifier the same?


No, they are not the same. Both VickAir and Vicks humidifiers serve the same purpose of helping to humidify the air in a room, but they work in different ways.

VickAir humidifiers use ultrasonic technology to generate 9 million vibrations per second. This vaporizes water and produces a micro-fine cool mist that is dispersed into the air. The ultrasonic action also helps to circulate the air and keep it from becoming stale.

Vicks humidifiers, on the other hand, use evaporative technology. A Wick filter absorbs water from the tank and as air passes through this saturated filter, evaporation occurs and moisture is released into the room.

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Final Verdict :

There are lots of good humidifiers in the market, but you can find numerous useful features in this one humidifier. It not only adds moisture but also creates a comfortable environment for you. You can use it both in winter and summer to increase the humidity level of your room.

Moreover, the scent pads featured in it will fill your room with a soothing aroma. You get this humidifier at an affordable price. I hope this Vicks germ free humidifier review has helped you in finding the best humidifier for your house.

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