Where Should You Place Your Air Purifier?

Having the best purifier that can meet all your requirements; what do you think- Is it enough? You may be wondering,  “Where Should You Place Your Air Purifier” Right?

Well, there are lots of maintaining facts you must know about. You know, an air purifier removes all the toxic dust and mold, airborne bacteria, and viruses from the air that leads to respiratory issues such as allergies and asthma.

For the best output, you should place it in a perfect zone to meet the air freely in, out, and around the unit. Also, have to consider the safety facts; thus, its placing leaves no chance of unwanted hazards.

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So, where exactly will you place this guy? Stay with us. This article is for you if you are looking for the best location for it.

Where should you place your air purifier?

At a glance, make it easy to find the location where you can place it-

  • Near the fridge
  • Beside the sides of the walls
  • On the doorway having an open space
  • Close to your dresser
  • Opposite corner of where other electronics

Now get a brief look where you can place your air purifier and why it’s not.

Place the Air Purifier near Odor Source:

You know, an air purifier is the best solution for removing unwanted odor. So why not place them along with the odor source? The closer you put the cleaner to the source, the faster it can trap the air particles.

 It can refresh the odorous smell so fast that you will not even understand if a bed smelling was out there. But for that, place this tool to the odor source.

What about the awful smell comes from an outside source?

No worries, you don’t need to put it outside from home then! Just find out the zone where this odor is introducing in your home and place the air purifier near it.

 It can be a window, ventilate, or door where outside smell, as from dustbin or funky smelling area, is entered in your room.

Let it alone:

The air purifier works most effectively when all the windows and doors are shut.

You may thing fresh air coming from outside will be helpful for its working. But purifying facts are not like that. It can hamper this tool’s hard work by introducing more dust, pollen, air particles, or snow (in winter) with new air.

So ultimately, you would not find the expected result if there is continuous airflow in your room.

Keep away from electronics:

If it is a low cost one, your air purifier has a chance to interfere with other electronics. It happens while the similar wavelengths that run from these devices can cause interference.

 If you notice this situation, try to move one of these electronics in another part of the room far away.

Keep it away from:

  • TV
  • Stereos
  • Microwave

However, some high-qualified air purifiers are computer friendly; thus, smaller appliances will not harm. Considering that fact in mind, it would better to choose a quality purifier even at a high cost.

Avoid Tight Spaces and Corners:

For purifying air, it needs sufficient airflow. Isn’t it? And if you put this tool under or closer to any furniture or any tight corner, then how this flowing air would meet?

Yes, you got it. If there is any tight place you placed your air purifier, it won’t work effectively.

Also, you cannot feel the fresh air producing by this tool. Keeping it under a shelf, the only place that will be fresh with its new air is your shelf’s underside!

Always try to put the air purifier in an open area; thus, it has a foot of space on its back, front, sides, and top.

Keep it off the ground:

If you have a smaller air purifier that can be mounted on the wall, you should not put it at the gound.

 Mounting it on the wall will give your room not only beautiful decor but also a quality performance. Thus it can get enough space to pull in all air effectively.

Try to keep it at least 4 feet off the ground. You can set it on the table or desk near you if it is a smaller one.

What about the bigger ones?

Yes, these cannot be kept off the ground, and it no needs to at all. Bigger purifiers are powerful enough; thus, these can clean air from the ground.

Tips time:

Let’s have some tips for your better deal with this purifying guy:

  • While sleeping, place the air purifier five to ten feet away from the bed’s head.
  • For the best result, put it at the doorway to fresh the entrance, especially if you have dogs, cats, or many people coming in and out.
  • Keep in mind the coverage ability of this cleaner. A small one in a large room can’t cover at all.
  • Keep it away from moisture as absorbing too much moisture results in shorter filter life.
  • Not compare them with AC or humidifiers. Even it would better if an air purifier is there in an AC room or with a dehumidifier.
  • You can leave the device on time and turn the fan speed low if you are concerned about energy usage.


All you need to place your air purification device at the place from it would serve the best service.

 Follow these above facts and be sure your device is going to cover all requirements you need. Hopefully, this article has met all you are looking for.

Have a healthy journey with this cleaner!

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